I’m Anika Snow:
Camgirl, Amateur Smut Producer, Part-time Therapist

For a few hours a day, I’m the devilish brat of your dreams. The sweet approachable girl next door. The tantalizing mistress waiting to seduce you and bend you to her will.  Or maybe I’m your understanding therapist; happy to listen to your deepest, darkest secrets… without judgement.

I’ll never be your girlfriend, though I do give amazing GFE. I wont greet you at the door, when you get home but you’ll know I’m just a click away. I’ll never be jealous of the other women in your life. I’m all that’s perfect and easy in your world. I’m your fix, your addiction.

No nagging, No worries, Just great sex.

Anika Snow: The Fantasy

That is the Fantasy after all. For a few hours a day, I’m whoever and whatever you want me to be. Who is AnikaSnow? She’s whoever you need her to be. She is after all, your fantasy… with a little of me thrown in there to keep things interesting. But isn’t that always the way with fantasies? There’s always a little reality, right below below the surface, just to keep it plausible.

What about the REAL Anika Snow?

I’m sure you’d love, to read a perfectly executed tale about how I’m a Horny Co-ed, the Good Girl, Gone Bad or maybe how I’m just naturally a Sex Crazed Nympho. But in truth, I’m just me.
What can I say about the Real me? the every-day me? I should start off, by saying I’m AWESOME! But since you’ve made it this far, you probably already know that. Second: love my job and yes it is a ‘real job’. I have a bachelors degree and can honestly say, I use my degree everyday.

I’m my own boss & I get to set my own schedule. I’m also the only one I can blame when something goes wrong or my check is a little light. My boss also tends to be a real slave driver. Only difference between your 9-to-5 and mine, is mine doesn’t include time off or sick-leave and I have a very clothing optional workplace.

I’m a bit different than your average Porn Actress or Pornstar. (Though, I do have a DVD cover or 2 to my name). I don’t show up, on a set: Hair, make-up, lingerie in hand… ready to shoot for some big company, before heading home cash in hand.

Instead, I’m a self-produced amateur adult movie producer. Every single page on AnikaSnow.com has been crafted by me. Every photo and video on my clip sites and social media, has been filmed and produced by me. You could say I’m a one woman show. Though it would be a lie, if I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy a little help holding the camera now & then.

My Stats:

Height: 5’4″ (1.6m)
Weight: 110lbs (52kg)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Bite-Sized
Cup Size: 32D / 34C
Shoe Side: 8

Some Favs:

Position: Reverse Cowgirl
Lingerie: Victoria Secret
Drink: a Dirty Shirley
Treat: Cheesecake Ice cream
Food: Pizza or Indian
Colors: Pink, Purple & Teal

More Questions?

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