Last week we reviewed my best selling Amateur Fetish Clip of 2015. Since balloon fetish clips are such a big part of my business I wanted to make a special round up just for my Looner fans. So here’s a look back on some of Anika Snow’s best Looner Clips from 2015. Some include hot looner girls blowing big balloons until they burst, others include bratty teasing but they all are sure to make you burst! Hopefully you’ll one of your favorites made the cut or maybe you’ll find one you just happened to miss.

Best Balloon Fetish Clips from 2015

This year I discovered balloons came in sizes bigger than your average party store balloon and honestly I think I think I fell in love. Now I still prefer doing blow to pop’s with 16-17inch balloons but when it comes to balloon riding: bigger is better.

Anika Snow looner fetish clear balloon

Clear Balloon Masturbation

$11.99 / 10 mins / Buy it Now

Clear balloon Masturbation (why is it the lame “keyword” names always sell so well) features your favorite looner girl, Anika Snow blowing up a lovely 24″ clear balloon and then well…. masturbating with it. Shocker right? Sorry for the spoiler. I use an electric pump on a previously inflated balloon, get naked, fuck myself with a vibe and of course add a big helping of naughty balloon fetish talk. Thinking back, I totally see why this was my top balloon fetish clip of 2015.


056 Balloon Fetish Anika Snow 5

24″ Clear Balloon Tease

$13.99 / 12 mins / Buy it Now
24″ Clear Balloon Tease comes in at number 2. Seems you also enjoyed the move to larger balloons (and Keyword names).  This was my first attempt at a blowing up a 24″ balloon, lets just say I’m cute when I struggle. If you like puffy pink cheeks and big doe eyes, you’ll love this clip. Lots of talk about the balloon size and firmness. Yep, I’m totally a size queen even when it comes to my balloons. Haha.


150506 Anika Snow Balloon Fetish B2P

Blue 24″ B2P Tease

$15.99 / 15 mins / Buy it Now
Anika Snow is the bratty tease you’ve been missing in this clip. She starts off telling you how much she’s missed teasing you with her big sexy balloons and then asks you if you’ve missed her too.

With the first two clips i’m all sugar, spice and everything nice but as everyone knows I love being a brat! In Blue 24″ B2P Tease, that’s just what am: a teasing little brat that knows exactly how excited you get being tormented and teased until you burst… I mean until my big, tight balloons burst.

150320 Anika Snow Looner Schoolgirl

24″ Orange Balloon School Girl Tease

$15.99 / 14 mins / Buy it Now
Who doesn’t love bratty school girls? Haters, that’s who. Thankfully their opinions don’t matter. Which is why 24″ Orange Balloon School Girl Tease comes in at number 4 on our list. This clip comes with a hearty does of merciless teasing and girly giggles. Eactly what you should expect from a bratty little schoolgirl like Anika Snow. Come on give in to your school girl balloon blowing fantasies if you haven’t already.

Balloon Fetish Cum with a Bang

Cum with a Bang – Balloon Fetish

$10.99 / 9 mins / Buy it Now
Pump, Pump, Pump it up. (Note: Must not to drink so much coffee in the future.) In Cum with a Bang – Balloon Fetish, I use a pump on a 24″ yellow crystal balloon. Part of me really wanted to just over inflate it right from the start. Sometimes its hard to take things slow after all. But the trick is to slow down and really to enjoy the tease. Forcing yourself to the point you just can’t take it anymore before pushing yourself over the edge.
title= Girlfriend Discovers your Balloon Fetish Sister Finds Your Balloon Stash Looner Fetish Blow2Pop Encouragement Schoolgirl Printed Balloon Tease

So that’s it, 2015’s favorite looner clips and a few all time favorites. Did your favorite make the list? Would you like to see more or less of something in 2016? Share your ideas in the comments below.