How Plans Change…

This is one of those rare weekends where I had the house to myself, so I had planned to spend all weekend filming custom porn & fetish clips or hosting independent camshows on skype. But it just wasn’t meant to be lol. I wont go into the gory details but I seem to have picked up a case of conjunctivitis and while I’m sure there is a gunky eye fetish out there somewhere, I wont subject the rest of you to my creepy goopy eye

On the upside, I had a full day to sit and upload clips to In an hour to two they should all be finished uploading. Since clip scheduling is a new feature on ExtraLunchMoney, this will be the first month that I’ll have daily new releases. So I’m really excited to see how my clip sales are effected by this. Many of the clips will also include a 20second preview / teaser, to wet your whistle a bit before you hit the buy button.

August’s ExtraLunchMoney Line-up

  1. Solo – Anika Begs for you Cum
  2. Solo – New Nipple Rings Boobie Tease
  3. Solo – Shaving with Clipper and Kitty Play
  4. Foot Fetish – AnikaSnow’s Tan Pantyhose
  5. Foot Fetish – Pantyhose Destruction
  6. Foot Fetish – AnikaSnows’s Long Creamy
  7. Foot Fetish – Jerk to My Filthy Feet
  8. Balloon Fetish – Packing Bag Pops
  9. Balloon Fetish – Purple Balloon Cum B2P
  10. Beach Balls – Anika Blows up her 42″ BeachBall for the 1st Time
  11. Beach Balls  – 42inch Beach Ball De-Inflate
  12. Lipstick Fetish – Berry Pink Lipstick
  13. Lipstick Fetish – Gloss to Pink Lipstick
  14. Lipstick Fetish – Red Lipstick Tease
  15. Lipstick Fetish – Sweet Lipstick Kisses
  16. Hands & Nails – Natural Nails Tapping on Glass
  17. Hands & Nails – Nail Tapping in the Bathtub
  18. Hands & Nails – Folded Hands Tease Pink Nails
  19. Hands & Nails – Folded Hand Tease – Natural Nails
  20. Cleaning/Maid – Toothbrush Kitchen Floor Scrub
  21. Cleaning/Maid – Hot Girlfriend Toilet Cleaning