Its been quite a week (but I guess I feel that way every week.) I’ve worked my way though most of my computer issues. That is, except for the power supply issue. I’m just not tech savvy enough to fix it. lol. My keyboard is now working and when my mac powers up I’ve got a pile of videos to edit and upload. I also picked up an amazing little app that creates gif to use for video previews. What do you think?

I’ve also continued chipping away at my monumental to-do list. Which now includes making snazzy preview for all my clips.  So far I’ve only made previews for 11 of my clips. All of which you can see in my brand new Video Library. I love how it turned out & I hope you do to.  Currently, I have around 30 amateur porn clips; including Solo Tease Clips, Boy/Girl Clips, Femdom Clips and various Fetish Clips. This doesn’t include all the unedited footage I’ve been stockpiling over the last month due to tech issues.

I’m also super excited to see my mom and niece on Sunday, that said I’ve got lots to do before they get here so I better get back to it.

Happy Friday the 13th!