We’ve all heard the adage “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” but I respectfully disagree.  How I see it, they might as well be cut glass but that’s a topic for another day. I mean a little sparkle cant hurt but its not going to keep you warm at night.

Anika Snow Yellow Bikini TeaseNow batteries, that’s a whole new story. Just think about it, when don’t you need a fresh batteries? And what cant be fixed with a new set of batteries? Just think about it… yep, really think about it. Now diamonds on the other hand, what use do they really have. I love shiny things as much as the next girl but I could happily go my entire life without needing a single diamond in my life. However, try going a day without batteries. I don’t know about you but batteries power some of my favorite things.

Today, while editing an amateur custom clip for one of my fans, I was met with the dreaded “Low Battery” warning on my mouse. Now I hate changing batteries, I’m just never ready to admit defeat. I’m always sure there’s just a little power locked in inside their alkaline core, just ready to be giggled loose. So instead of just accepting my little friend’s death, I pop out the batteries… switch them around (because of course that’s the answer) and pop them back in. My happy mouse instantly springs back to life… for a moment or two. I repeat this silly ritual more times than I care to admit, before accepting defeat and replacing them with a fresh set.

Nothing ends to a problem faster than a fresh set of batteries.

Pull out a toy, push the little button and wait for the happy buzz... Click To Tweet Anika Snow Yellow Bikini Tease

Now maybe I’m a weirdo or maybe just have a voyeur streak but editing videos gets me horny. Something about watching myself move and thinking about how I felt when I was shooting the scene, just gets my girly bits all tingly. Knowing I’d have some free time while my custom clip rendered and not being one to waste Time, I knew exactly how to spend my down time. Yep you guessed it, getting down with my favorite toy.

I pull out one of my favorite toys, push the little button and wait for the happy buzz… Instead of my happy buzz, I was met with less than a hum. Now there’s a time for denial, a time for fiddling with parts and there’s a time you don’t.  I mean, some things you just don’t fiddle with lol. Fresh batteries, were just what the doctor ordered. In just a few moments my little blue vibe wasn’t the only thing humming.

Sometimes all you need is a set of fresh batteries.


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