When I created Anika Snow back in late 2011, I had no idea I’d still be creating pervy content today. I’d love to say I had a plan, a goal or any type of road map laid out but I didn’t.

If I had to hazard a guess, the The South Park Underwear Gnomes skit comes to mind.


Step 1) Make website Step 2) ??? Step 3) Profit

Yep, that sums up my business model, right down to the underpants. I jumped from one “Great Idea” to the next. One after another, never sticking with something… anything long enough to truly succeed. Now don’t get me wrong, I always made my goals. I just never surpassed them.

I’d make my cam goal for the day/week and long off. Same for video production, I’d make my sale goals and then stop posting new clips. Its crazy, and a little sad, to look back and compare the stats for months I was giving my all and not just putting in the status quo for hours.

Step 1: A Step Back

In the spirit of the new year, I feel its important to take a look back, in order to see forward. I started writing this post 6 months ago but wasn’t ready to share it. Its hard to pull back the curtain and admit mistakes or that everything isn’t as simple and easy as it looks.

Over the last year, I’ve taken a hard look at my business. Because at the end of the day that’s what this is and it should be treated as such.

This processes started with my notebook mess, then moved on to my brand and lastly setting real – long term goals. haha.

God I love my notebooks and lists, they are the Life & Soul of my business but their search features are terrible. Between all the site notes, clip notes, requests, promo idea scattered between  multiple notebooks and random scraps of paper; its a wonder I manage to find anything. It took a while but I am now running a mostly paper-free office. Special thanks to Outline and Trillo. (Check out my full Business Toolkit)

Fun Fact: I have a good 6 months Clip Ideas / Descriptions waiting to be filmed & just as many half-written blogs.

Next up: my site & brand review. Which like everything else, was a bit all over the place. My older blog posts leave me looking like a Unfocused Emo Mess. Not the best look, nor an accurate representation. Generally, I’m a cheeky, independent optimist with a bit of a mischievous streak… However, that Anika Snow was seemingly absent on blogging day. I guess its easier to make Negative Nancy posts or rant instead of writing about the positive. I deleted some of these posts and may delete more in the future but I feel some should remain to show where I started. I also cleaned up my blog categories and tagging, deleting a ridiculous amount of fluff.

Step 2: New year, New Goal

This year, I plan to switch my full-time part-time job to a part-time full time profession.

Haha. I’m sure this sounds odd so let me explain. In the past I’ve worked full-time to accomplish part-time results. Going forward, I plan on working less hours but use those hours more effectively.

As for more minor plans, expect to see my content on a few new sites. Expect an update to each each page on AnikaSnow.com and some house cleaning on my social media accounts. This may even be the year I travel to shoot with a model or two.

Step 3: Profit, Now with more purpose.