Over a month ago I mentioned I was moving but never really got back to it. Thought a series of unfortunate events the move got massively pushed back. Even now, I swear the owner of the house I’m trying move into is trying to sabotage my move-in date. Which is scheduled for this weekend. Let me respecify that, which is happening this weekend. I’m past the point of dealing with his nit-picking and refusal to listen to reason. I was probably the only 5year old who religiously watched This Old House. I was quite the little TomBoy growing up and wont say I’m a Master Craftsmen by any measure but I know my way around a tape measure and Blue Print. Nothing is more annoying than watching someone redo something a million times that basic logic should have told you was wrong the first attempt. Or Fuck Logic, Google it!! There’s a freak-en YouTube Tutorial for everything. Wait there is something worse; watching someone do something wrong, knowing the correct way & not having them listen. Anyhow the renovation project is finally in the final stages. The kitchen is half installed, once its complete, in my opinion the place is done. Hes throwing carpet in the bedrooms & vinyl (ewww) in the bathroom which in a few months I plan to rip out and replace with bleach-able surfaces.

Its going to be a few months before everything looks exactly the way I want but I’m so excited. I’ve lived in the same place for a long time. While I have lots of good memories here, It just hasn’t felt like my home in a very long time. I’m ready to move on with my life & have new ways to configure my furniture.

The layout of the house is wonderful, Its going to be perfect for entertaining & camming. There’s a nice sized yard for the dogs, I just have to re-claim it from the jungle that its become & put a fence. And Closets, well one closet. lol But that’s still 3x the closet space I have now. The best part is I’ll have a designated Office/ Studio space. Yep one room that’s all mine! No more worrying about dildos, lighting or my NASA space station computer set up raising eyebrows. Now I just have to close the door. On the topic of Lighting, I also have a professional grade lighting kit on the way. So once I get settled & back to work, expect some exciting videos. With all the move prep & still having all my things in boxes, I haven’t been filming much at all. That doesn’t mean however that I haven’t been meticulously writing down every clip Idea I’ve come up with. A list that how spans over 25 pages.


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