It’s been months, since I wrote a blog. Correction, it’s been months since I posted a finished blog. It’s not that I’m lazy or that I hate writing post. Crazy enough my ideas notebook has well over a hundred have written posts. You read that right — Over 100 posts. A years worth of half finished, abandoned content, just waiting to be polished and released.

Why? Because I hated spending time in my office — Or will, I did.

Anika Snow CamroomFor months, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Life’s been going great, its summer time. I’ve gotten some amazing custom video requests.But something was off.

I’ve been trapped in this vicious circle of being super excited about filming or web camming. Only to walk into my office, sit down and walk back out within an hour. I had even started thinking, I was burnt out and it was time for a change of professions.

Then it hit me. It wasn’t my job that was killing my motivation; it was my office space.

I hated my office. Everything about the room, was horrible. From the yellowy lighting & the dingy white walls, all the way down to the dated dusty rose curtains & claustrophobic layout. Nothing about it said Anika. Nothing about it made me want to spend time there.  So I simply didn’t. I would walk in & walk back out.

Its taken some trial & error but I’m finally happy with my office space. I’ve rearranged the furniture 3 or 4 times, threw out some clutter. Got rid of those gawd awful curtains. Replaced the lights with daylight bulbs and picked out a new paint color. (Maybe you saw the test swatches in the backgrounds of my recent videos.) Painting is still and probably another purge or two but for now, I’m happy with it.

if something isn’t working in your life, change it

While editing my first custom clip, filmed in my newly rearranged office, I knew I had found the solution. Just seeing how the background looked made me smile. Not to mention how much easier it was to set up my lighting & move around, now that I have floor space. That’s how life should be.

Now I wake up, excited to walk into my office and get down to work. No more walking back out within the hour. Now if I can just get my darn studio space finished, my work life will be perfect.

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Its crazy to think how something so simple can have so much effect your life. On your mood. Its easy to forget how much our environment effects us. How even the smallest, simplest change can make a big impact.

Doesn’t matter if its something simple like rearranging furniture or if it a huge change, like a complete change of scenery or even a change in profession. If somethings isn’t working,You owe it to yourself to change it! Don’t be like me. Don’t sit in a funk for months, when the answer is right in front of you.

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