DSC00009Summer is in full swing and I’m on Beach Time. Everything is a day late and a couple fruity drink it. But know what, I couldn’t be happier. My vacation was amazing, the first ‘real’ vacation I’ve taken in a couple years. I flirted with sexy boys, danced the night away, enjoyed my 3 favorite meals of the day (breakfast, dinner and desert/3am breakfast), visited 3 amazing countries all from the deck of a floating Pleasure Palace that¬†Dionysus himself would have been proud of. I also got to spend time with the wonderful women that make up my family.

I was welcomed home to find that nothing had been taken care of. The house smelled like stale boy, the floors were gritty. The bathroom wall that was suppose to be repaired before I cam home, still had wet Spackle on it. In related news, I’m looking for a new Apartment.

On a happier note, I came home to a pile of Twitter messages, Tumbler Asks and emails. Its good to know which men in my life are dependable lol. I ended up with 2 customs, one from a good friend who commissions some of my most amusing content and a new fan who I’m sure is very happy with his content. I also had the opportunity to work with Smooth Kelly. Shes completely new to the amateur scene but after working with her on her first custom clip, I’ve got to say shes a natural.

However between my useless housemate being “sick” and not leaving the freaking house and having to schedule 2 time intensive customs, I’m way behind where I need for July’s clip production. I currently have 10 clips filmed & uploaded and none of them scheduled for posting. Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of that Monday along with a solid day of filming.

Next big update will be the release party for my new MGF profile. I’ve hinted a bit on Twitter about my come back but this time, I’m throwing a party. Complete with prizes, freebees & other tasty goodness.Vacation View

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