With Christmas right around the corner and every tv station and store front advertising their holiday fare I thought it would be amusing to write about something that you can enjoy all year long… Camgirls. Yep that’s right, the gift that just keeps on giving or should I say keeps you coming? Now not saying Christmas Morning isn’t awesome but for a day that comes once a year & requires hours, if not day/weeks of planning, its not hard to find reasons Camgirl’s are sweeter than Christmas Morning.

10) Christmas morning takes days of planning & prep to go off with out a hitch but booking a camshow is as simple as signing in & clicking “Start Show.”

9) Christmas morning tends to be about other people, with Camgirls its all about YOU!

8) Camgirls will never get jealous of you spending your morning opening presents somewhere else.

7) Nor will your favorite camgirl, ever be angry if you skip seeing her at all. (Though she might just miss you a bit.)

6) Most importantly, Camgirls are more than happy to let you get your gift first, even if they don’t get theirs.

5) A Camgirl will never force you into silly matching outfits or  last years Holiday pajamas (unless your into that)

4) That goes double for forced group photos of Christmas morning cheer (in said silly outfits or holiday pajamas)

3) You also never need to dread the random “invited guest” because when a camgirl invites her girlfriends to the party, because then… well then its a party not a holiday catastrophe in the making.

2) When your all tired out, cleaning up or ending a cam session is a breeze compared to the the rampage left after Christmas morning.

1) And the number one reason, camgirls are sweeter than Christmas morning is because we’re all made out of sugar & spice & everything nice. LOL. Or maybe its because we’re just as sweet as Christmas morning, every day of the year.

Luckily you don’t have to choose between Camgirls & Christmas Morning,
You get both!

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