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Welcome to (the “Website”). The Website and services and products offered may include, but are not limited to; video clips, live video conferencing, user commissioned content and other products (the “Service”). The Service is owned and operated by Anika Snow (“us,” “our,” and “we”).

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General Usage Rules

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Please be advised this Website is intended for adult entertainment only. The Website contains adult content and imagery, not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 years old (21 in some areas) or are easily offended by adult-oriented websites, please exit the Website immediately.

Intellectual Property

The contents of the Website is intended for the personal, non-commercial use. All materials published on the site (including, but not limited to: audio, video, photography, illustrations and text) are protected by Copyright, Trademark and all other applicable Intellectual Property laws, and are owned and controlled by or the party credited as the provider of such content, imagery or other materials.

You may not use the content of the site for any commercial purpose, without express prior written consent. Without the express prior written authorization, you may not a) duplicate the site or any of the materials contained therein; b) distribute the site or any of the materials contained therein.

Third Party Links & Content
Certain links on this Website lead to external sites controlled by other parties, whom Anika Snow has no control over. Therefore, makes no representation or warranty concerning the content or accuracy of third-party information and expressly disclaims any liability therefore. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

Affiliate Disclaimer
I may be an affiliate for products or services that I recommend. These are products and services that I have personally tested or used. All opinions on this site are 100% Anika Snow’s or that of the Guest Blogger. If you purchase an item or service through any of these links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.

General Policies

  • By contacting me you agree you are of legal age (18+ or 21 in some areas)
  • While I do show my face, I do so at my discretion
  • Content is for personal entertainment only.
  • I retain the rights to all my content. Do not attempt to share, alter or distribute any of my content. (Sharing my social media posts being the exception)
  • If you are rude, abusive or ghost, I reserve the right to cancel your service with or without notice.
  • I reserve the right to share any rude, vulgar, threatening or disrespectful comments in the from of my choosing. — This does not include agreed upon role-play scenarios.
  • I reserve the right to deny anyone service at any time or any reason.
  • All prices are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice.
  • All products are non-refundable once delivered / completed.

Comment Policy

  • Comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam will be deleted. Including a link to relevant content is permitted, but comments should be relevant to the post topic.
  • Off-topic statements or links, abusive content, vulgarity, personal attacks will be deleted or censored
  • The Site reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice.
  • New user comments are held for approval.
  • Comments found on this site are not necessarily in agreeance with that of
  • Note that when you leave a comment on this site, you are agreeing that your comment also falls under the terms of this Creative Commons license.

Live Services

  • Live shows are intended for adult entertainment only.
  • Please review my limits. I will not engage in any fetish, kink, or role-play not discussed prior to payment.
  • Requests during sessions are welcome, however, I reserve the right to perform however I feel most comfortable.
  • If you find yourself unhappy with the direction a live service is taking, please speak up. Issues brought up after the show will be taken as nothing more than constructive criticism.
  • I am not tech support. While I may try to help you troubleshoot a connectivity issue, I am not obligated to and it may cut into your paid session time.
  • Live sessions are sold in blocks. Once the show starts, the clock starts and runs until the session is complete. We can chat if you finish early or just end the show. If you’re called away during a kik session, I may continue the session solo style.
  • No refunds shall be issued in-part or in-whole for shows viewed.
  • Please be aware of the time. While I try to structure my sessions to end within the booked time, I can’t guarantee your satisfaction within the time you purchased. Sessions will be terminated at the end of the time booked.
  • Sessions may be extended if I have additional availability. Please confirm availability before submitting payment.
  • Screenshots or recording any & all live services is strictly prohibited.
  • Content delivered / Shared during live services is for your personal use only. Do not share any photos or videos publicly or privately with others.
  • I do not offer advanced scheduling or payment on live services. Live sessions are all first pay, first served.

Digital Items

  • All Digital Content is for personal entertainment only. I retain the copy write for all the content I produce.
  • Custom / Commissioned content may be resold/reused in any way I choose.
  • Exclusive content will never be resold or shared in any way. (By me or the buyer)
  • You are responsible for downloading and securing any purchased content.

Physical Items

  • Delays may happen. If I feel I can’t ship your item in a reasonable time frame I may cancel & refund your order.
  • Continental US shipping is included in the prices of most mailed items.
  • International Shipping may be available for an additional fee
  • Items are packaged in a discreet bubble mailer.
  • While I do not offer to track info to buyers, I do Track all US packages
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail
  • All Items are shipped from a pet-friendly home.

Payment Policies

Options change from time to time. Please confirm your preferred payment method prior to submitting your payment.

  • No service will be provided until the payment has been received & cleared
  • Payments made without prior contact or for a different amount than quoted will be considered a tip/tribute.
  • No additions or alterations may be made to orders after the payment has been sent.
  • Orders taking too many emails/messages to be finalized will be charged a non-refundable deposit.
  • Price quotes are valid for three weeks from the date they are issued.
  • Be smart when adding a message to any payment type. Choose something neutral or leave the space blank.
  • Payments with inapporatprate “notes” will be ignored/Denighed. A fee will be charged on payment resubmission.
  • Gift cards are not accepted on physical / mailed items

Refunds & Returns

  • I have a strict NO RETURN policy. Once the item is sent, the session began or the content delivered, there will be no refunds issued.
  • In the event I am unable to complete an order, the balance may be cashed out for pre-made content.