DIY, oh My! Film Studio Makeover Time

Is it just me or do DIY projects always take twice as long and cost twice as much. I’ve been on a bit of a makeover tour, first my camroom / office space and now on to my film studio makeover.

Like most of the spaces in my house, my film studio space, was decorated in a lovely shade of 1980 something. From the gleaming orange hardwood floors, all the way up to the lovely oak paneled walls. I’m pretty sure my house was even featured on the cover of Grandma’s Weekly… at least twice.


Jokes aside, Its crazy how a room with so much natural light can still be so dark. Everyone always says to “leave wood be” but there’s not much you can do to wood paneling to lighten it up, without painting it.

Diy: Twice as Long

After spending way too much time applying liquid sander (almost a week) The rest of the job is going relativity fast, If you don’t count the week I was on vacation lol. Two coats of primer, managed to block out the dark wood walls. Thank goodness for Kilz Primer! The wall paint went up flawlessly. (Always splurge on better quality paint) One coat would have done it but I did a quick sand job and added a light second coat. Next up trim paint and replacing the room hardware (outlets & such). Next stop furniture!

Diy: Twice as Much

I was hoping to Craigslist and thrift store my way though furnishing my studio. Sadly, I was mostly of the furniture would have been very at home in my wood paneled den.

Guess I could have saved some time there. That is, if people in my area didn’t think their lovely living room set from the 80’s or 90’s weren’t still worth when they bought it.  If a car deprecates the moment you drive it off the lot, you can bet your living room furniture does too. lol Times like this, I really miss living in a large city, where everything is free on Craigslist as long as your willing to walk up 5 flights of steps and can find someone with a truck…. and IKEA, oh IKEA but that’s a tangent for a different day.

Anyhow, I’ve ordered 2 lovely chairs from WorldMarket & will be purchasing additional items as funds allow. In the meantime giftcards for Amazon, WorldMarket, Lowes & Home Depot are more than welcome. As are custom requests. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be filming in my new studio space in early September…  Maybe even shooting with a new model. Hint, Hint