I love twitter but I also find it pretty annoying at times. At least once a week some fan will get mad that i’m not following him back. First off Im not part of #TeamFollowBack or any of that other crap. I follow other #CAMGIRLS, Porn stars & models, Adult industry contacts, Porn Producers, Industry contacts and yes even the occasional fan/friend.

For me Twitter isnt just a number game, sure i’d like to have 10 Gazillion followers but honestly I’d be more happy with two hundred followers that were truly devoted ‘friends’ and were really interested in what I have to say or the photos I post. That’s right guys, I’m totally a Quality over Quantity kind of girl. But since I know you still want that #FollowBack I’m going to let you know how to get it.


Get Followed: I know lots of guys just friend every female avatar they see but that wont get you a follow back, you have to interest me. Thinking I’m hot or wanting free pics of my tits isn’t making the cut either. Neither is having an EGG or Dick avatar. Take a second fill out your profile,  find a random photo/ icon of your interests or a photo of yourself. If all else fails use a cat pic the internet is full of them. Second reTweet some of my posts,  comment on my messages. Bring something to the party, dont just be the creeper in the corner.

Another quick way to get a FollowBack ,even if you’d prefer to stay quite, is to send me an email telling me you’ve received a show from me on Skype or the Streamate (cammodels) network, purchased a clip off ExtraLunchMoney, MyGirlFund or Clips4Sale. I will expect your username on one of those sites to verify.

Get reTweeted: I’m always sensitive about retweeting/ messaging Fans. I know bosses / coworkers / family sometimes also follow you guys and I don’t want to be the cause issues. I tend to base discretion off the style of tweets, you tweet and share when I thinks appropriate.

Get UnFollowed: I rarely unFollow Fans, with the exception of excessive DM’ers, Rude guys  and dead accounts. As for DM’s they should only be used as private communication and by that I DON’T mean SEXTING. I mean setting up camshows, requesting details on custom content, offering to buy items out of photos ect. In all other circumstances, I expect fans to contact me via the public feed so other people can add to the conversation.

Camgirls / Porn Stars / Fetish Models

Get Followed: If you fall into this category you have an instant in. Not only am a bit a perv lol, I love to see what other girls are doing. Especially when it comes to cam girls, I see Twitter as my “water cooler time” If your having a rough day, I’ll offer some kind words. When i’m trying to figure out the best nail polish or looking for the best way to get coconut oil out of my favorite pillow your damn right i’m going to ask.

Get ReTweeted: Everyone loves to get reTweeted but even on this list you might get lost in the mix. To get short listed both on twitter & tumblr is to do a banner exchange with me. I know that might sound silly but that ads you to a special list and I will try to reTweet/reShare as much of your content as I see. (Yes sadly some will still fall thought the cracks, but I’m only human)

Get UnFollowed: On the other hand, If I don’t get a follow back after a while or if the Lady in question only posts ads, shames other models or in any other way is a catty bitch chances are she wont stay on my list back.

 Industry Contacts / Promo Guys /Cam & Clip Sites

Get Followed: If your a household name, You’ll get an instant follow. With promo guy or cam/clip site I’ll take a look at your previous tweets first, If your polite and well established I’ll send you a follow back.

Get ReTweeted: If I think my fans or other camgirls would benefit by what your posting I’ll reTweet it.

Get UnFollowed: Quickest way off my friends list: Posting photos without watermarks or credit (no twitter or site link), talking smack about models (I don’t care if you think we are cam whores, keep it to yourself).

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