Bigger might not always be better but when it comes to video storage and spending limits, the old adage holds true. I have an older mac, with 4 hard drives bays holding 6TB between them and its just not enough. What can I say, I’m a bit of a size queen when it comes to storage devices. I should note that 3TBs is devoted strictly to Archiving and backup data, so it doesn’t really count. But It’s still time for a bigger Hard Drive.size-queen-needs-bigger-hard-drive3

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Size Queen HDD Junkie

As I’m writing this, I’m doing my final back-up before upgrading my main hard drive. I’m so excited about replacing my current 1TB main with a 3TB WD Black. After a lot of research and back and forth, it seemed like the best choice, next to a SSD or Seagate SSHD. But size queen… I really wanted the space… speed, yes but mostly space and reliability. I know Seagate has came a long way but I’ve had much better luck with Western Digital over the years, not to mention the 5 year warranty.



This year, for me, has all been about getting more organized and creating a scale-able business. Which to be completely honest, has been a bit of a struggle. Lots of sorting files, one at a time. Deleting redundant content, relabeling content, creating a scale-able file structure. … You know all that sexy stuff, you think about camgirls and fetish models doing in our off time. You know, when were not rolling around in the piles of cash people give us for looking pretty and diddling our self.

Bigger Hard drive you Say… So what?

Obviously, unless your a tech junky like me and new tech makes you wet, your probably thinking “Why should I care about Anika getting a bigger hard drive?

Just a bit of background, you may have noticed my clips on a few new sites, including Customs4U and most recently ManyVids. Customs4U includes mostly newer content and a few favorites from my clip library. Where as ManyVids, will be getting the entirety of my vanilla and boy/girl content.

Uploading new content to Customs4U was a breeze but once I moved on to scheduling clips for ManyVids, I realized just how unorganized my archived videos were. Not to mention the original video files / edits were strung out across 4-5 versions of my video editor between my laptop and desktop. Lets just say standardizing all the working edits to the same version of video editor was no small feat… Which came crashing to a halt due to lack of hard drive space.

So here I am, backing up my main hard drive (could it go any slower, thanks external), in preparation for copying the old Main HDD content to the new 3TB drive.  About a day of file migration, once the new drive is running properly and then hours of Time Machine freaking out about me moving everything around lol.  Then, it’s off to the races so to speak.

But What About Me?

Once the boring behind the scenes part is done, its off to the fun part:
Content Creation!

Taking the 300+ videos I’ve created and updating their watermarks, archiving them and maybe even updating & improving the video quality on some of them. For you, this means, I’ll be sharing video teaser clips & gifs on Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit and maybe even releasing a few free videos on ManyVids.

Because somethings are just too good, not to share.