A Quickie Moving Update

In about 2-3 months I’ll be moving into a new place. I’ll still be renting but the house has a much better layout & will have closets. I wont go into all the details now because I’m planning on making a clip talking just about the new place & maybe even show it of. Its quite the “fixer-upper” lol.

Since I will be moving & having a room strictly devoted to work there are a few items I that would make my life a thousand times easier. The main item being better lighting and a new webcam. So until the move (or once I’ve gotten all the eq I need) I’m going to be running a special on Custom & pre-made clips. Each dollar spent on Items from my Amazon Tech Wishlist or Amazon Gift-card will be worth double its weight in clips. Please contact me prior to ordering either so we can work out the details.

I know my video says camshows are include in this promotion too but they will not be at this time. Sorry about any confusion that may have caused.

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