Below are my current payment options, be aware these options change from time to time. All payments are to be discussed with me prior to submitting. Custom request price quotes are valid for three weeks from the time they are issued. Any payment submitted without my knowledge or for an amount different than quoted will be considered a tip/tribute. Please send your payment receipt or confirmation to (as needed). No service will be rendered until payment has been confirmed/received by me. If you are interested in a camshow, please choose an instantaneous payment option such Also, be aware of the occasional delay in e-gift cards delivery.

Preferred Payment Options

Pay through IndieBill (*)

IndieBill accepts all major credit cards, pre-paid cards and international payments. Discreet Billing. No sign-up or account necessary.

Skype Billing Page
As always, contact me prior to submiting a payment
Custom Request
You will be sent a Customized Invoice link for your particular custom request.
Tribute/Tip Page

IndieBill adds a $0.95 processing fee to each transaction, with a max $300 per transaction. Ie: If your custom cost $400, your custom invoice link will instruct you to purchase two $200 items.

Pay through LiveCamModelShows (*)

LCMS accepts all major credit cards. Discreet Billing. No sign-up or account necessary.
How to Pay with LCMS

  1. Go to my profile on LCMS:
  2. Scroll until you see “Select an Amount & Make a Secure Payment
  3. Select the Show or Custom price from the drop down
  4. Click Secure Payment button
  5. Then simply fill out the payment form

Live Cam Model Shows is my preferred payment method.

Pay through CamModelDirectory

CMD accepts all major credit cards. Discreet Billing
How to Pay with CMD

  1. Go to my profile:
  2. Scroll until “Purchase” and click
  3. Then complete the Secure Payment form.

Note: If you found my site or Skype ID through CMD, you are expected to pay via CMD.

Additional Payment Options

Pay with eGiftCards

Limited Availability. Options and availability fluctuate depending on my current needs.

A $5 fee added to all purchase under $50 and a 20% fee to anything over $50. (US Site).
Ebay eGiftcards (Purchase with PP)
Gyft eCards
approved credit options

Delivery may take up to 24 hours on eGiftcards.

Leave the NOTE/MESSAGE area blank or generic on the gift card form. Gift cards are to be sent to anikasnow @ gmail. com.

Site Tributes / Other Options

Site tributes are my least favorite payment options. Expect a 20-30% price increase to off-set site fees.
To use MVs, you must first create an account.
Depending on the cost of your custom content or purchase, I will direct you to pay via the Fund Me, Custom Vid tab or a custom store item. (+20%)


GiftRocket eGift Card (US Only)

US Only – Available for custom clips or items. Item will not be recorded or prepared until the payment has cleared (usually 3-5 days). GiftRocket charges fee of $2 + 5% of the gift amount.

I do not accept payments through PayPal, Bitcoin or Clip4Sale’s Tribute feature.