American Panty Princess

Are you a naughty little panty perv? Do you guess what kind of panties the woman in at Starbucks is wearing or maybe the sexy co-ed on the train? Is she wearing satin full-backs under her business suit? Or maybe a lacy little thong? Or maybe just a soft cotton bikini… I know you love the smell, the taste of creamy well worn panties. I bet you’ve even fantasized about raiding your hot little neighbor’s dirty hamper. But since you can’t raid hers, I’m going to let you raid mine.

What is it about worn panties, that just does it for you? Is it the idea of sniffing them, tasting my sweet nectar filled gusset that makes your cock rise to the occasion? Maybe its the silky soft material, knowing that that soft material has been cupping my perfect pierced pussy and will soon be wrapping around something much harder.

Maybe your not a panty addict, but you’d still like to taste me while you jerk to one of my many amateur porn & fetish clips or during one of my one-on-one independent camshows.

Whatever your panty interest is, It’ll be our special secret.


Panties are $50 per pair, discounts given on multiples. Contact me to place your panty order.

Each pair of panties is hand packed by me, with a handwritten note.

Black Baby-doll Bikini Purple Checkered Cheeky Panties Panties panties panty Thong

Not seeing what your looking for? Did you see me on cam or twitter wearing a pair not listed? Feel free to contact me and ask me about them. I also have other clothing items, used toys, shoes ect that I might be willing to part with.