I love having you preform silly & sometimes humiliating tasks for me. Its just so damn amusing watching you try to please me. I’ve made a special wheel for all my broke little losers out there. If your strapped for cash and still want to serve me, take a spin or two.

Tasks for Less-Broke Losers – $20ea

Now if you want something a bit more exciting, order a custom task or serise of tasks created just for you.

Choose One:

Sissy Fun, Cum Junkie, Booty Bandit, Humiliation

So once you’ve completed the task at hand & sent me proof (photo or video) I may just send you a little reward in return. The more amused I am, the better your reward may be.

*Cheap simple tasks get & get cheap rewards. More complex & expencive tasks get more exciting rewards.*

Free Tasks for Broke Losers