Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2017! Don’t I just look adorable in these brand new over-the-knee knee socks? I never thought I’d be a green person but I might just be a convert. As always, follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit for more free peeks and behind-the-scenes pics.

Enjoy the free photo gallery and feel free to leave me comments below. I’m looking for ideas for next month’s photo set…

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5 thoughts on “Teaser Gallery

  1. bigjohnl1936 says:

    Two fetishes – #1 nice legs in stockings and heels, #2 Balloons. You cover both of them, I would love to see you combine them, blowing balloons while wearing your sheer black stocking and sexy spike heels, them pop them with your spike heel and sexy fingernails.
    – John

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