Ever wanted a whiff of my sweet smelling dainty-parts or my sweaty toes? I’m sure you have. I’ve decided to be kind a kind Mistress and let you riffle though my laundry basket a bit. The bulk of items found here will be my used panties, as I have quite the panty fetish. I swear, I can’t walk into a lingerie store without walking out with a bag of panties. But you can also get my sweaty used pantyhose, socks and whatever else I’ve worn out.

Remember that I can always model your purchase in a live cam session.

Check out my Panty Drawer

Since I have so many pairs and would really like to make room in my panty drawer for new panties, I’m willing to share. These are from my personal collection, worn with love and now ready to be sent to your house.

Panty Prices

$30 for 1 day of wear (lightly Scented)
$40 for 2 days of wear
$55 for 3 days of wear
$75 for 4 days of wear
$100 for 5 days of wear

Pantyhose, Stockings or Tights:

$40 for 1 day, $50 for 2days, $60 for 3days


$20 for 1 day, $7 for each additional day


Contact me to place your panty order.
Black Baby-doll Bikini Purple Checkered Cheeky Panties Panties panties panty Thong

Not seeing what your looking for? Did you see me on cam or twitter wearing a pair not listed? Feel free to contact me and ask me about them. I also have other clothing items, used toys, shoes ect that I might be willing to part with.