Are you looking for a custom clip? Would you like me produce your very own fantasy scene? Maybe your a fan and want to see me film more of your favorite fetish or act out your exact fantasy. You’ve come to the right place.

Maybe your just tired of jerking off to the same porn as everyone else? Spending hours and hours, surfing free tube sites looking for the perfect scene… when you’d rather just have what your looking for at your finger tips? Or you understand the ethics of only watching free porn. Either way, buying a custom clip tailored to your specific desires, is the way to go. Skip the search & order the custom porn clip of your dreams.

What I Like to film

I love getting to act out peoples fantasies. I’ve learned so much about different fetishes and myself by filming custom clips for fans and during live camshows. I’m always up for a new adventure but that said, I only accept filming requests that I’m truly excited to film. Nothing ruins a great fetish or porn scenario, quicker than a model that looks like they’re not into the scene. I give my all in each and every clip I film. My clips, both customs and in my clip library are is 100% amateur and real.

About My Custom Clips

Custom clips are filmed to your specifications, rendered to 1280×720* (720p .mp4) and delivered to you as video download link. Price, as always, is dependent on the content itself but rates start at $100 for a simple 7-10 minute clip. Requests including items that will be destroyed/consumed during the shoot or are items (props, clothing,ect) that I need to purchase, will be added to base clip rate. Turn around time is normally 7-14 days after payment, depending on my schedule and the complexity of the script.

Please be detailed and precise with your custom clip request. While amazing, i’m not a mind-reader after all. Keep the script dialogue to a few key phrases or certain words as I will not memorize dialogue. It just kills the fantasy & isn’t sexy to be looking back at the screen every few seconds to make sure I don’t miss a line. If you have any other questions, I have a very detailed answers to the most common questions I receive.