Here’s a list of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to filming, producing and purchasing custom clips. As always if you have a question not answered here, don’t hesitate to contact me. I also have a general FAQ answering basic questions about me and an in depth FAQ on my webcam shows.

Are you Available for Custom Clips or Photo Sets?
Yes, yes I am! Head over to custom clips page to start the ordering process!
Why should I buy a custom clip or porn in general?
With the plethora of free porn available, this disappointing but understandable question. When it comes to custom clips, you're commissioning something different, something unique. You're paying for YOUR FANTASY. Your paying for myself or another model to create a personal video, just for your amusement. You're also saving time, by not needing to spend hours scanning free clips, in search of exactly what you're looking for. As a whole, porn is a luxury item. No one is entitled to another person's image for sexual gratification. While you might not think jerking off to tube-site free porn as stealing, it pretty much is. More on the ethics paying for your porn vs watching free porn later.
What is the Average cost of a ?
There is no average price. Each custom clip is priced according to the amount of work needed to bring your unique fantasy to life. Obviously, a 10-minute Ignore clip isn't going to cost the same as an extremely scripted Girl-Girl Foot Worship clip of the same length. Rates start at $10/min for a simple solo script. Price quotes are valid for 3 weeks.
Where do I pay for my Custom Clip?
I accept a variety of payment options for your convenience. (list of payment options)
How long is a custom clip?
Custom clips are sold in 5minute blocks, with a 10-minute minimum and a 30-minute maximum on most requests. Clip lengths are approximate and may vary a minute or 2 minutes in either direction. Keep in mind your script length when ordering. Clips will be filmed at a normal pace, I will not speed up a clip to fit in an unrealistic time frame. If you request a 10-minute clip but expect me to jam 20minues of action into it, I will either suggest pairing down the content increasing the clip time. Balloon Fetish clips including spontaneous pops will always approximate lengths.
How soon will I receive my custom clip?
Turn around time is typically 7-14 days after I receive payment. Solo clips range between 5-7 days. Whereas clips involving other or addtional models may take closer to 14-30 days. Express Turnaround (72hrs) may be available for solo and girl/girl clips, for an additional fee.
Will my custom clip be resold?
Yes, most likely. All custom clips with the exception of Exclusive Clips may or may not be resold on any site at my discretion.
What is an Exclusive Clip?
Exclusive clips are exclusive to the buyer. (IE: The video will only be seen by myself & the buyer.) Exclusive clips will never be resold or posted to any of my clip stores or used for promotional purposes. However, I do retain all copyrights for the commissioned clip. As with all my content, the buyer agrees the clip is for personal use only and agrees not post, share or sell the commissioned clip. Content found online will be met with a DMCA take-down notice.
I want my name used in my custom video. Can you do that?
Yes. However, keep in mind, custom clip rates are depended on many factors including re-saleability. Including your name will increase the cost of the clip and it will still be resold at my discreteness. Name usage is included in Exclusive Clips for no additional cost. If you want your name used but don't the clip publicly shared, I recommend ordering a exclusive clip.
Can my Custom Clips include multiple models?
They sure can! I can accommodate request for girl - boy and some girl - girl content. Please let me know when ordering.
Can I make changes to Custom Clip request?
Changes and/or clarifcations to custom clips, can only be made prior to submitting payment. Keep in mind that any changes made, may effect the original price quote. As such, please try to be as complete as possible when filling out the custom request form.
How do I order a Custom Clip?
Simply fill out custom clip order form and I will get back to you, with a price quote in about 72hrs. I also sell customs clips though Customs4U and ExtraLunchMoney. Both sites hold your payment in escrow untill I deliver your comissioned content. If you've been ripped off in the past or are worried about not getting the content you comissoned, these are great options. However, these sites charge heafty processing fees and my custom rate will reflect that.
How do I receive my Custom Clip?
When your custom is ready, I'll send you an email including the link to your custom video. Once my download system informs me that the file has been downloaded, I will disable the download link. Please download the clip as soon as possible, custom clips download links will expire a month (30 days) after posting. If you are unable to download the file or have any issues with the file itself, please contact me as soon as possible and I will do whatever I can to rectify the situation. Please download the file to a safe place, as I will not send additional copies after the clip has been received.
I can't download files, can I get my custom clip another way?
As of now, NO. I understand that not everyone has the luxury of being able to download content to their computer, either due to privacy issues or internet speeds. In the future, I plan on offering a DVD or flash drive option for an additional fee. If either of these features interested you, please let me know.
Copyright Details
Keep in mind when ordering a custom clip, you are not buying distribution rights to the video. I retain ownership and copyright of all my content, including custom and exclusive clips. No 2257 documents or model releases will be included and any custom content found anywhere online will be met with a DMCA take-down notice.

Last updated: 02/02/2015

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