8 Simple Tips to Make Your Office Ready to Move In a Day

Office moving is not an easy task. You have to start planning for about one year before moving. You should make sure that all the things are organized. You should pack all the necessary items. Your packing must be organized so that it would be easy for you to unpack the items in the new location.

You should also consider the happiness of the employees, adjustment periods, reorganization, and transitional workflows while moving. You should hire a professional mover for moving your items from one office to another.

Here are some simple tips that will help you to make your office ready to move in a day:

1. Organize The Notes and Related Stuff

You should keep all the notes and office documents organized. It is because you will not have to organize them the day you move your office. You should start the organization of the documents at least six months before moving. You can store the documents and notes in a flash drive.

You should also keep the move-related items and to-do lists organized. You can place the to-do lists in a box. The office documents can be organized in a file. These documents may include agreements, contracts, employee records, customer records, insurance records, etc.

2. Select The Day to Move

You should select the day for office moving. It may involve the month, date, time, and location of the new office. You can plan the day to move by having a meeting with all the employees. If you do not want to involve the employees in decision-making, you can just share the exact date of moving.

You can share this information by sending the employees an email. You can also conduct a meeting or make a video and share it with all the employees. You should make this announcement at least two to three months before the move.

3. Share With the Employees

You should ask the employees about their feedback regarding moving. Ask them to start organizing and packing their necessary items so that they do not have to pack on the moving day. You should share the details regarding moving the office along with providing them information about the new location.

You should consider the workspace needs of the employees. These needs may include privacy screens, lamps, standing desks, etc. You should also consider the equipment needs such as cracked screens, broken keyboards, etc. You should also focus on the workstyle preferences of the employees. Try your best to fulfill their needs and requirements.

4. Make A Budget Plan

You should make a budget plan when you decide to move. It will save you time. And you will not have to make a budget plan on the day of moving. In the budget plan, you can include the necessary equipment, tools, professional movers cost, cleaning cost, etc.

You should manage all the purchases to be done for a new office. The budget plan may also include the cost of material which will be required to pack the office items. You should make a team of two or three people who could deal with the budget planning.

5. Make a List

You should make a list of all the tasks to be performed for moving. You should also enlist the items to be packed for moving. Ask the employees to make a list for their department. It will include the equipment required by them as well as the items they want to move to a new office. It also includes the items you will leave behind.

For example, if you are moving to a new office and need a modern environment, you will not need old things. These old items may include whiteboards, trash cans, etc. You will move towards buying new items to make your office look more attractive than the previous one.

6. Pack The Required Items

You should pack all the items for at least four days before moving. You can also hire a professional company for packing and moving services. But it would be best if you keep packing all the items yourself. You should ask the employees to pack the necessary items for their department.

For packing, you need large boxes, tape, and bubble sheets. You can buy these items from the market. You can also buy moving pods, cardboard boxes, rentable bins, stackable crates, and many similar items used for packing. Make sure all the items are packed before the day of moving.

7. Hire A Professional Mover

You should hire a professional office removalists to get quality moving services. A professional mover provides you with skilled workers. These workers load all the packed items into the truck. They take great care of your belongings. You can also track the vehicle if you want. You can take guidelines from the professional mover for preparing your office for moving. 

The mover moves all your belongings to the provided location. All the loaded items in the truck are unloaded by the workers. You can also demand them to help you in unpacking these items. But you can also perform this task with the help of your employees.

8. Hire A Cleanup Crew

You should hire a cleanup crew for cleaning purposes. If you want all the moving work to be done in one day, you must contact the cleanup crew one day before moving. It means you should take the appointment from the cleaning service provider and ask it to reach the destination at the specified time. The cleanup crew will clean your old office when all the things are packed and loaded. 

You can get the cleaning service after unpacking all of your belongings. The cleanup crew will clean all the mess. The mess includes cardboard boxes, bins, bubble sheets, etc. The boxes can be recycled. So, the cleaning service provider will take care of that matter.


If you want to move your office in one day, you should complete the packing before the move day. You should also contact the mover and the cleanup crew before the move day. You should tell them the time to reach the destination. So, everything should be organized before the moving day. It will be very helpful to complete the moving process in one day. 

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