A Beginner’s Guide to the Five Causes of Wrinkles

People generally associate wrinkles and crow’s feet with aging. After all, when your skin grows old, it loses flexibility, the collagen levels drop down, and lines start emerging all across the face.

But studies have shown that some telltale signs of aging have nothing to do with aging. Other environmental and lifestyle factors, including no sleep, poor diet, and stress, can wreak havoc on physical appearance. what dinosour has 500 teeth

To reverse the clock, please address the below-mentioned significant causes of wrinkles immediately, and avoid the food items that can double your age.


It must not come as a surprise that the major culprit for wrinkles is sun exposure. Both UVA rays that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and UVB rays that cause sunburn can cause premature wrinkles. Not only does staying out of the sun and tanning beds provide protection from skin cancer, but it also enables you to stay young for a prolonged period.

The professionals providing the best plastic surgery Fairfax VA said you must apply a substantial amount of sunscreen, having at least SPF 30 every day. Some foods that keep sun damage at bay are sweet potatoes, red wine, avocadoes, strawberries, pomegranates, salmon, and olive oil.


You may not think a lot about the environment you live in, but it can have a huge impact on those fine lines and deep wrinkles. According to a large number of dermatologists, pollution contributes to free radical damage. Research published in the year 2010 showed that women who resided in urban settings had more age spots and wrinkles than those residing in rural regions.

If you live in a heavily polluted locality, please make sure to thoroughly wash your face with a mild cleanser before going to bed. This will eliminate the harmful particles.

No Sleep

You know getting proper sleep can help you feel your best. Lack of sleep can cause wrinkles because the skin’s pH levels are modified by not resting enough. Also, it is when you are asleep; the toxins are flushed out from the body. Make sure to sleep for at least eight to nine hours at night.


A hectic work schedule and relationship drama can not only take a toll on your emotional and mental wellbeing, but they can also affect you physically. Stress increases cortisol that alleviates the skin’s capacity to retain moisture. Look out for ways to de-stress. Going for walks, talking with friends, seeing a therapist, etc., helps.


You know that sugar can cause weight gain, right? Did you know that soda and sweets can age your skin as well? After the sugar is consumed, it goes through a procedure called glycation, which involves bonding to different proteins in the body. These proteins include elastin and collagen too. Sugar deteriorates elastin and collagen and leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Now that you know what is responsible for wrinkles learn about the treatments as well. The experts performing Botox in Fairfax said Botox could temporarily paralyze the facial muscles to smooth out the wrinkles. Dermal fillers do the same while restoring the volume.

Some more treatments that the renowned board-certified practitioners have provided in recent times are chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and facelift.

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