Central Banking – Is It True That They Control The Market?

If you are Forex trading, you might be having thoughts like is there a way to control the market? If so, who are the market players capable of manipulating the market? These questions have been around for years and finally, we have clear answers to them. You may think that it is possible for a person or a family to control the Forex market, but this is just a conspiracy theory. There is no family or a single person who can do so. The banks, although, have the main control of most of the market but their power isn’t enough to move the Forex market all by themselves. With 5.3 trillion worth of trades every day, it is just impossible for them to make the changes that they want in the market.

Central Banking – Where the Money Are Made

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The banks do not have the power to manipulate the market because they will be fined for rigging. The SEC and FTC have placed a lot of barriers so these huge banks cannot mess up with things.

Probably, the market is made up of 90% of non-retail traders and big players. Despite the huge number, it doesn’t mean that they are capable of moving the market in the single direction that they want. Much more for retail traders. Even if you make the same trade at the same time, hoping to move the market the way you wanted it to be, it won’t really make a dent.

More importantly, the trading decision of one person doesn’t mean that you should follow it. Each trader in the market can make their own decision according to their trading plan and strategy. The odds will all be in your favor as long as you learn the proper way to trade and use the right risk management strategy.

To most experienced traders, trading isn’t the hard part. The head game is. Everything that happens behind the scenes is the most complicated one. And to be able to succeed, you need to get your facts right and you need continuous knowledge to deal with the constant changes in the market.

At times, you may feel like getting bored as you try to make some profits out of Forex trading. This could be one of the reasons why some traders quit because they start to think that trading isn’t really that exciting as others view it. But if you are a dedicated trader, you won’t easily get bored because you will try hard to keep up with the changes in the market. You will get yourself busy gaining additional knowledge that you can apply to your traders. You will be busy reading reviews and forums that will help improve your strategy. You will try to find reliable Forex broker in UK. At the end of the day, you will reap what you sow.

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