Happy 100th birthday to the Chinese Communist Party

On the occasion China is sure to mark the centenary in case of the founding of the ruling Communist Party on Thursday with the best of pomp and the perfect spectacle and it is what the state media has described and it is the most vital speech made by the President Xi Jinping in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Xi is one of the most popular leaders in China since the time of Mao Zedong and the party has been riding high once the country recovers briskly from the COVID 19 situation and in course you can take the best assertive stand on the global front.

Dictation of the Occasion

In the recent times, the state media has revealed the least about the events in the midst of the heightened security and with the best of secrecy at the Chinese capital. However, there has been the flyby of the fighter jets and the expected helicopters on the occasion. In the last 100 years the party has been writing a perfect chapter in the developmental history of the Chinese nation and also in matters of humanity progression at best. This was stated by Xi in a ceremony on Tuesday in the ceremony while honoring the exemplary members of the party.

Contribution of the Party Members

In relation to the existing power the party general secretary in the year 2012 and the president on March 2013, the Xi has been talking about the corruption which has eroded the moral authority of the party and on the occasion he has cemented himself as the most powerful leader of China from the time of Mao in relation to the elimination of the presidential rule within the limited terms. The rank and position of the party has been swelling by 2.43 million members in the year 2020 and there has been the biggest annual increase from Xi and he has become the president in time and now it is an amount of 95.15 million members in real.

Entrepreneurship and Socialism

Data about the occasion was released on Wednesday and the party has been initially recruiting the workers and the peasants who have evolved in embracing the markets and the kind of entrepreneurship under the head is called socialism. This comes with the perfect Chinese features and at the same time retains the Leninist model as part of authoritarianism. The party has gained strength under Xi and there has been the room for the public dissent which has narrowed down in time.

Enhanced Chinese Nationalism

On the occasion the kind of public discourse has become increasingly nationalistic and lots of Chinese have expressed pride on the occasion in matters of the country’s achievements in specific. This has helped in crediting the leadership of Xi along with the party in actual. In real China is sure to face lots of challenges and it includes the backlash from the west from across the nation in places like Xinjiang, Hong Kong, South China Sea and rest of the Taiwan regions. In course, there has been the worse demographic outlook that has threatened the economic growth of the place. From the timer Beijing has also remained under the global pressure due to the lack of transparency in the earliest handling of the corona outbreak.

The Final Words

With the party in power for more than 100 years it has helped the ordinary people to achieve happiness in their lives. People are seen to take photographs before the themed anniversary and you would love the floral arrangement at Changan Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare on the city. Keeping aside the achievements of the party not all people will appreciate the invasive presence. It is important to believe that all things at the place and the education that most people receive have relation with the standing party. This has also helped in the subtle transformation within the state and in the lives of common men. It is all decorative and perfect when it comes to the celebration of the 100th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party with the best of zeal and enthusiasm.

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