How the Ombori Grid is Changing Post-COVID Retail

Ombori Grid creator Andreas Hassellof understands the value of the customer experience and the needs of the retail sector. He’s also very aware of the value of timing since the pandemic nearly shut down what he was trying to do. Fortunately, his company was able to push through, with the help of marketing partners and others who believed in what he and his team had already created. The product, which offers a digital experience in physical spaces, makes it easier for retailers and customers to get what they need from their in-person experiences. It also works for healthcare, offices, restaurants, and much more.

The idea behind Andreas Hassellof’s Ombori Grid is that people want a more digital experience. It’s seamless, easy, and quick. They don’t have to wait in lines to check out or hunt down associates for help. That makes the experience a better one, in many ways, but there are also downsides. Not being able to see the product in person can mean getting something that wasn’t quite as expected. But going to a brick-and-mortar location, while still having all the convenience benefits of a digital experience, is among the best ways to have a good shopping experience. The same is true for ordering from a restaurant or checking in for a healthcare appointment.

Since the Ombori Grid has gotten started, Hassellof has seen partnerships with big names in the digital marketplace. That’s allowed him to get audiences with large retailers, and showcase what his product is able to do. Because the company was open to opportunities, they were ready and able to take on the questions that prospective users had about their digital offerings, and how they would make a difference for customers and retailers alike. An understanding of the value was the first hurdle. Now, the goal is just to continue to expand, and ensure that more companies and customers can get a quality experience no matter where they shop.

The biggest recent challenge for the company has been the pandemic, but Hassellof also states that he didn’t have the right team to grow Ombori Grid for a while. Finding the right people to work together, and locating people who could provide what was really needed, became an issue. Still, he persevered and eventually matched up the right group of dedicated professionals who would help make the company into what it is today. Now, Ombori Grid welcomes innovators to create constant movement.

Training people to sell the products was a stumbling block, but it’s one that’s now been largely overcome. Now that Hassellof has more people he can rely on, he’s less subject to burnout than he was in the past. It was getting difficult for him to keep doing everything, and that was made easier by locating the people who could give his company a boost in the right direction. Burnout is very real for many entrepreneurs, but a good team is one of the ways to mitigate a lot of the problems and keep the company on track.

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