Quality Website Design

What does it take to get a quality website design?

Firstly, we all want a quality website design from the website design team…and it really is simple.

Here is what we would need to create you a design simply and easily.

  1. Please send us some website designs that you like
  2. State what you like about them
  3. Send us your logo, or have us design one for you
  4. What colour scheme would you like? Typically this is dictated by your logo
  5. Decide on content. If this is completed by yourselves this will save you vast sums of cash
  6. We will complete the website design and layout in a timely fashion
  7. Then link to your preferred social media sites
  8. Add you to google and bing etc…
  9. Site Index Created on Google Search Console
  10. SEO Strategy employed

Quality Website Design Layouts

Keeping it really simple. Websites are composed of a layout and colours – take a look at www.apple.com you will see that the website is laid out in postcard format (bold images and fantastic colours). Or have a look at an online shop such as www.superdry.com you will see that it starts with a post card full screen layout, breaks down into split screen layout and then into block format. Sticking to reliable layouts and structures keeps the website user experience top notch; creating quality website design and content ensures great quality websites.

So when finding layouts you like, think about how the complete layout looks as it combines different ways of combining website elements together, breaks them down…making it really simple for the viewer to search and find the relevant content.

See image below for quality website design layouts.

Swarming Bee Web Site Layouts

I prefer to use simple layouts like the above image illustrates. Please goto our Design and Layout page for more information simply because it makes sense to.

Colour Schemes

Secondly; Colour schemes are adapted to suit the logo because it makes sense to keep things succinct; or contrast against the logo; depending on the industry will determine the colours as well. For example, imagine a security company using purple and pink, just for example…is this what the colour scheme of trustworthy security staff would have? Judgementally, no! Use a professional and trustworthy navy blue, with a touch of grey or crown gold because thats what we trust. Selling stationary in these same colours would probably work quite well, purple and pink, hence zapping up the impact of pencils and rulers. Further more great colours attract customers and distinguish you against your competitors.

Colour Theory – Swarming Bee Web Design

Please click this link to see some awesome colour schemes www.canva.com/learn/website-color-schemes/. Looking at colour schemes that grab you will really help with your ideas. Therefore it is also very useful to look at the competition out there, what colours do they use?

Creating a website is not typically difficult; some of the technical issues that happen behind the scenes with hosting or with SEO can be a little tricky. Therefore, nothing is too difficult to create and/or fix.

Finally, with Swarming Bee Web Design we will take the pressure off of yourselves and complete whatever you ask of us, to a specified deadline. Something that other web companies can not offer with integrity.

Common website design mistakes can be found here.


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