Some best healthy breakfast ideas for your children

Breakfast helps to make the children active for the start of their day. After a relaxing sleep during the night, the body and brain want fuel to work. In some studies, it has been found that children who eat morning breakfast perform well in the academic compared to children who do not.

Below we have listed some healthy breakfasts for kids:

  • Poha

Flattened rice or poha requires zero cooking and could be used for making a fast and easy breakfast recipe for both children and adults. You can improve with the easy dish by adding various nuts and vegetables.

  • Bread upma

While you think of bread, you just deem of toast or sandwiches. But, you can make bread upma as well; all you need to do is use the leftover bread.

  • Paalak (spinach) puri

For making this breakfast meal, you will need many ingredients counting wheat flour, spinach, ginger paste, cumin seeds, oil, salt, water, butter or ghee, and green chilli paste.

  • Stuffed parantha

As a parent, it can be tough to make your little ones eat the veggies with roti. Stuffed parantha is an Indian dish that is bread and vegetables rolled into one. You could load the parantha with leafy vegetables, cauliflower, potatoes, carrot, and beetroot.

  • Moong dal cheela

Cheela is quite similar to dosa. The moong dal cheela can be prepared with either split or husked moong or whole moong. It is light and has lots of nutrients.

Importance of healthy breakfast for kids

Skipping morning breakfast might affect your kid’s focus or make them feel fuzzy. It happens. This is because the brain is hungry for energy and wants fuel from nutritious foods such as breakfast cereals, grainy fruit, and milk to work at its very best during the day.

For ensuring yourlittle ones are getting the benefits of breakfast, decide on a healthy breakfast meal that is rich in fibre, contains a low Glycemic index, and has some protein.

You can also introduce healthy drinks such as Horlicks in your kid’s breakfast. Check out a few related videos to know Horlicks recipe.

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