What is the most visited places in Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the best places to visit in the American South. The city was originally an outpost of the military, later on it became the railway junction. There are a lot of events held in Atlanta that make it worth your while. You will find the economic and cultural center as the most amazing spot here.

There are en-number of tourist attractions here in Atlanta. You can find arts, sports and other activities. You can discover the numerous historic sites here with beautiful parks, gardens and a lot more. There is a lot here that you will find of your interest.

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Georgia Aquarium

You can do a lot of things in Atlanta with your kids and family. The Georgia aquarium features versatile marine life and a lot of other interesting activities. This is one of the world’s largest aquariums and here you can find more than 100,000 aquatic creatures which includes whales, sharks and a lot more. Here you can find alligators and other species of animals.

Take a stroll around the botanical gardens of Atlanta

The botanical garden has a lovely space and you can enjoy a lot of interesting moments here. The site is one of the most visited Atlanta’s attraction and the well-designed attraction. The botanical gardens here are always blooming. Two major specialties of this place include the rose garden which is famously known for the hydrangeas. Each of these comprises the largest collection. Whatever you’ll see here depends upon the time of the year when you are visiting it. Here you can find a lot of indoor gardens as well, which are way too beautiful.

Civil and human rights

The place is marked beautifully as the center of civil and human rights. Here you will find ample photos, videos, newscasts and a lot of other content that brings visitors into the struggle. The human rights movement carries a broader picture of human rights worldwide.

Fox theatre

The theatre was built in the 1920s and the design of the place is Arabian themed. The varied history of the place involves a lot of problems like the Great depression and the landmarks are much loved since it was constructed. The interior of the place has been considered for restoration work and over the years it has revived its original elegance. There are diverse options for you to visit here: operas, movies, and hundreds of performances each year.

Atlanta Zoo

Atlanta zoo is one of the fun spots that should be in your itinerary surely. There is a lot of transformation that is undergone when you are propelled for the list of attractions in the USA. The place is even known as the Atlanta Zoo and it is the central location of Atlanta and the features of new parking facilities and seamless visitor experience will make you enjoy the place even more. There are various cute creatures here which includes giant pandas, bears, aviary, lemurs and a lot more. There are a number of unique experiences that you get here.

Jimmy center library and museum

The beautiful park is located in the Poncey highland neighborhood and you should surely visit the place on your trip. The place was opened and renovated recently. There are more than 27 million pages of official papers. Large collection of photos and videos can be seen here. There are numerous documents that you can explore here which are related to personal and family life. There are various highlights of the place that you can see such as the Carter’s nobel peace prize and 30-acre grounds and museum can even be visited alone as a self-guided tour.

College football hall of fame

The hall of fame is a must visit for all those enthusiasts who are visiting Atlanta. It is located near Centennial Park and it ensures that visitors get more of the attraction. If you enter the building, you get a lot of impressive stuff to witness. The three-story tall wall helps you to witness the uniqueness of the place.

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